Great Minds Don’t Think Alike. Our Proprietary Technology cracks the code for you.

Our business accelerator gives you one common language and toolkit to transform the lives of people and teams everywhere with new skills in thinking, problem solving and collaboration.


What is OneSmartWorld

Our solutions are built on original research into the thinking styles and strategies of over 100,000 people and proven results in over 1000 organizations in business, government and education worldwide.

We started with a big idea. Could we develop a web-based psychometric tool that would transform people lives and add tools to help teams work smarter? Not another personality test. We decided to build a next generation platform to empower people to map and learn 4 dimensions of high performance thinking as a foundation to accelerate how teams get work done.

The 4D-i®/4 Dimensions Inventory is the world’s first and only online, interactive, research-based, psychometric that combines strategies in thinking, emotional intelligence and resilience into one solution. From it, we have developed the Smarter Meetings system to help you leverage this knowledge about yourself and your team to solve real world problems with greater engagement and higher efficiency.

OneSmartWorld is a talented, growing worldwide network of Certified Associates and Partners who can bring all of our unique tools, programs, and solutions to you.


Your People + Our Tech


Our Tech

The 4D-i® / 4 Dimensions Inventory is our people development tech

Developed by a team of organizational psychologists, the 4D-i® maps personal preferences and teaches 11 thinking strategies and 7 emotional strategies in creativity, understanding and decision-making as well as 3 strategies in resilient personal spirit.

The 4D-i is the world’s first online thinking skills psychometric with an all-in-one toolkit (view demo) which includes a personal interactive Dashboard, My Results, My Coach tips, My Report (24 page Professional Development Portfolio), and My Resources. It is scalable to organizations of any size and provides immediate individual and team results that can be viewed 24/7.

We can create a Team Talent Portfolio, as a directory of the cognitive style diversity within your organization. It’s like a “Moneyball” analytics approach to human capital management - illuminating thinking patterns that underpin performance.


“The 4D-i is a quantum leap in reaching organizational potential and human relationship building. It shows you how to work smarter, not harder.”

- Pat Boon-Anderson


SAM: The Smart Agenda Manager is our meetings accelerator tech

SAM is unique, game-changing technology for improving meeting productivity. It saves time and money by applying the same common language and strategies learned in the 4D-i®. As one of our clients said, “if SAM isn’t at this meeting, I don’t want to waste my time.” SAM is like a meeting GPS. It guides you, step by step, in planning the type of thinking required for each agenda item, in order to ensure that items are addressed efficiently and successfully.

SAM’s disciplined problem solving processes (called “Smart Tracks”) keep all members working together to produce higher quality results. It can be applied to plan and manage both face-to-face and online meetings. SAM and our smarter meetings system revolutionizes what meetings can accomplish everywhere.

Safe and Secure

Our online cloud-based services are SSL secure, built in HTML5. Your privacy is of paramount importance to us. All data is encrypted and stored in Canada.


“I don’t know of any other tool that helps people align their thinking processes so efficiently and effectively.”

- David Gouthro


Who uses OneSmartWorld



Businesses, organizations, and government organizations choose OneSmartWorld solutions to develop leaders, build high performance teams, and accelerate innovation. Our clients come from a variety of sectors, including: banking (BMO, Scotiabank), insurance (Allstate), energy (Royal Dutch Shell, Imperial Oil) , technology (BCE, Rogers), as well as NGO’s, professional organizations, and all levels of governments. We are especially proud of our past work with WestJet where they achieved an ROI of 558% by training leaders and teams to use our Smarter Meetings system to reduce time spent in meetings.


We are committed to helping youth, at-risk populations and workers in transition build a decent life and get the skills they need - critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, resilience, communication, collaboration and cognitive flexibility. We’ve figured out a way to teach these “soft skills” to make them easier to learn and use. Our Smart Skills® courseware has numerous skill building modules (learn more). We license partners in workforce development, education, government, agencies and foundations to help people who need it most. We’ve helped over 100 universities, colleges, schools and government agencies in the USA, UK, Canada, and beyond.


Our Associates have a great deal of coaching experience with teams and individuals. For example, Team GB (Great Britain) chose our 4D-i® when developing a high performance, collaborative culture in the medical support team for the Rio 2016 Olympics.


Take a Quick and Fun Dive

Take 2 minutes to get your own personalized introduction to learn what the basics of Creative thinking, Understanding and Critical thinking approaches are. Click here to try it out. Note this disclaimer: the free Mini tool is not the 4D-i®. It’s a sampler or taster that gives you the flavour of what different thinking styles do at work and in life. We hope you find it helpful in understanding yourself. Pass it on to others too! A quick introduction to thinking in Green, Yellow, and Red via the Mini


Meet our Team

Learn about the leadership at OneSmartWorld, and see brief bio’s of our Associates.


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