In the 21st century, every person, enterprise and nation must learn to compete on their smarts. We are transitioning from a knowledge economy to an intelligence economy. Thinking skills trump knowledge in the intelligence economy.

Meetings waste time, sap talent and cost money. Until now. Take this interactive program and it will pay for itself in the first ‘smarter meeting; you run. The Smarter Meetings: Lean Meeting Solutions two module program gives you a complete set of online tools – 15 videos, a PPT slide deck, online Smart Agenda Manager(SAM) and the Smarter Meetings book by Bob Wiele – and the skills you need to get people on the same page quickly, to get more done in less time. You will learn how to plan and facilitate team meetings, using a powerful common language and team meeting tools. Smarter Meetings delivered a 558% ROI to WestJet, the highest return on investment ever recorded from a corporate training program.

Selling on Value 

about meetings and conferences – they could generate so much more value.
Collaboration and teamwork drive high-performing organizations everywhere. A study by Frost and Sullivan for Microsoft and Verizon showed that a high degree of collaboration can be more than twice as important as strategy in generating higher value, productivity, sales, innovation, customer satisfaction and profitability. Meetings and conferences can be prime spawning grounds for creative and productive collaboration.