Smart for Life Book

Smart For Life Book

Smart for Life book - Powerful Techniques for Achieving Personal Success and High Performance $20.95

This Smart for Life book is designed as a companion piece to your 4D-i online profile. It has important information that is useful for gaining a deeper understanding of your 4D-i results. It also provides practical techniques for improving your performance in the areas that you are most committed to developing.

The book covers the following topics:

  1. One universal language for self awareness and collaboration
  2. The power of your personal operating style
  3. Four dimensions of high performance
  4. The 7 different mindsets and how to use each one to achieve better results
  5. How to use the 18 success strategies for putting your intelligence to work
  6. How to tap into the 3 key success factors in your personal spirit
  7. Typical mind traps and how to avoid them
  8. How to apply what you have learned – mindfulness 
  9. The Believe It To Achieve It Success Cycle