Lead and Succeed with Smarter Meetings

This hands-on practical, how-to program is ideal for training team leaders, project team facilitators, managers and executives in the Smarter Meetings lean meeting management system. Learn the key skills in how to plan meetings that get better results, faster. Help your teams work smarter, not harder. Plan and facilitate collaborative meetings that engage everyone to get great results by using the same type of thinking, at the same time. Learn how to use the team building tools and the set of short videos to teach the key concepts to your team members. This program can be used by individuals, team leaders or as an enterprise platform for improving the results and performance of meetings.

Duration: 1 Day  

Type of Training:   In House - Facilitated by OneSmartWorld certified Trainer/Facilitator

What participants will learn:

  • The 5 core principles of the smarter meetings system and how to put them to work
  • The universal common language for collaboration and problem solving
  • The smarter meetings planning system –; how to set outcomes, design meeting issue management processes, allocate times for each stage of the process
  • The checklist for planning success
  • Worksheet templates for agenda item planning and problem solving
  • Examples of how the smarter meetings system works for different types of meetings
  • How to use SAM/the Smart Agenda Manager to plan and design disciplined processes for achieving outcomes
  • How to introduce the smarter meetings lean meeting management system to your team
  • How to facilitate a smarter meeting
  • How to shift people into the 4 zones and keep members on track
  • How to evaluate your meetings for continuous improvement and measuring ROI

What participants will receive:

  • A license to the Smart Agenda Manager for planning meeting agenda processes
  • A copy of Smarter Meetings: The Smarter Way to Meet by Bob Wiele
  • Access to the 15 instructional videos to improve your knowledge and skills
  • Smart Day, Week and Month Planners
  • "Working Smarter with Others" Job Aid
  • "Roles and Rules of Engagement" Job Aid
  • "Smart Voting Card" Job Aid

How Do I Learn more to Get this: If you are interested in these webinars, please sign up online or call 1800 387 6278 or email lwiele@onesmartworld.com for more details on finding a OneSmartWorld Facilitator to work with your team.