How it Works?

For the Individual

Know yourself, grow yourself. The 4D-i is most commonly used as a learning tool for developing 21st Century Thinking Skills. Thinking is a skill. Like all other skills, high quality thinking can be learned with proper, deliberate practice. The 4D-i comes with a built in coach to help give you practical ways to work on your game. If you can build out your thinking capabilities you become more adaptable to a diversity of people and tasks. You can use the 4D-i profiler to help bring your performance to the next level.

For the Team Leader

For the team or team leader, the applications are extraordinarily endless. The 4D-i is most frequently used for people development and team building. It allows people to develop greater understanding of themselves and gives the team a common language for communication and collaboration. Leaders today are forced to manage the most diverse workforce in history. The 4D-i can help you connect with your people, for coaching and skill building purposes. The Team Power Profile will identify the teams strengths and weaknesses to help you leverage your teams capabilities and pinpoint gaps and needs. The 4D-i gives you an inventory of your teams thinking styles at the tip of your finger so you can build stronger, more diverse thinking teams. You can also use this to tap into their total intelligence to help you think through difficult issues.