What makes Smarter Meetings different from other meeting tools?

Every meeting tool, online or in print, focuses on the same thing: planning and organizing the logistics of your meeting, NOT how to plan and manage what actually needs to happen in the meeting and how to engage team members to get to decisions. Smarter Meetings gives you the tools and resources you need to make what happens in your meetings more purposeful, focused and productive. Our traffic light methodology allows everyone in the room to understand exactly what style of thinking is needed to succeed. It uses our unique ‘smart track’ problem solving and decision-making method to keep everyone on the same page.

How do I help my team members understand how to operate in a smarter meeting?

Great question! If people know what to do when they get to a traffic light, they already know what to do in a smarter meeting. In your Smarter Meetings package, there is a handout called the Rules and Roles that your team members can use to learn the ropes. When you have your first smart meeting, you can show one or two of the short videos on how the traffic light colors indicate what type of thinking is needed and how to use the simple smart track processes to stay on the same page together. You can also use the PowerPoint show that you receive. Yes, you will produce an color coded agenda for your first meeting and distribute it.

I am assuming that I will produce an agenda for my first meeting and distribute it. How will my colleagues know what I am talking about?

Yes, you will produce an agenda for your first meeting and distribute it. The Smart Agenda is the root to your success in every meeting. If you are the early adopter in your organization, or signing up for Smarter Meetings is an individual purchase for you and your clients, focus your time on crafting a very practical, easy to follow agenda to lead the other meeting members. Smarter Meetings.com also provides very effective video training resources that can be shown to clients at the start of the meeting to get them up to speed quickly.

Can an electronic meeting timer be used?

We encourage people to use any tools they feel help them achieve the goal of getting more work done, in less time. The role of the timekeeper and the role of the recorder are both important to keep the meeting on track and to ensure the meeting points are captured so you can make better decisions. If you are able to use technology to capture voice recordings, and use those as your meeting minutes or notes, and if it works for you, do it!

Have you suggested meeting templates for various kinds of common meetings?

The Smarter Meetings package has an amazing Tools and Resources section. In it you will find a series of templates and proven-processes called Smart Tracks, that will help you and your teams fit the process to the task at hand.