Certified Business Solution Partners

OneSmartWorld Certified Business Solutions Partners (CBSP) are professionals who share a commitment and track record in designing, leading and facilitating learning and change programs for individuals, teams, and enterprises. Our members have experience working in a variety of sectors, private, public and not-for-profit..

OneSmartWorld provides CBSP’s with a full toolkit to build your business.  As a OneSmartWorld CBSP, you will receive a 4Day certification training allowing you to deliver the 4D-i thinking preference assessment and access support to bring the following four integrated solutions to your clients, Lead and Succeed in 4 Dimensions, Smart Team Accelerator, Smarter Meetings, RIP IT/Rapid Innovation Program.  See below for details on each program.

OneSmartWorld Certified Business Solution Partners Must Meet These Qualifications:

  1. A progressive, entrepreneurial mindset and a positive personal spirit
  2. A commitment to make a positive, measureable difference in the lives and results of the people and the teams you work with
  3. Have a minimum of five years experience in people development as a practitioner inside an organization and/or as a professional consultant, trainer or coach
  4. Be certified in one or more of the following psychometrics – MBTI, DISC, Insights, HBDI,Kolbe and/or a graduate of or currently enrolled in an ICF certified coaching program and/orbe certified through DDI or Achieve Global, Langevin or other industry acknowledged coursein facilitation or train the trainer.
  5. Be committed to your own learning as a 4 dimensional leader, to ensure that you bring consistently high quality experience and solutions to clients.

OneSmartWorld Business Solution Partners are Certified to Deliver the Following Programs:

Lead and Succeed in 4 Dimensions: The OneSmartWorld 4D-i is our people development platform. The 4D-i is a thinking styles preference assessment designed to increase personal and professional effectiveness. You will be able to use the 4D-i in a wide variety of applications including coaching, performance management, people development, team building, conflict management and leadership development. Our standard 3 ½  hour program is Lead and Succeed in 4 Dimensions. It focuses on teaching the OneSmartWorld common language of the 4 dimensions of high performance thinking. It includes an in depth de-brief of the 4D-i results in a team setting plus team building and a short personal action planning session. You will gain access to the 4D-i Administration system to administer 4D-i licenses and produce Team Power Profiles of the groups and enterprises you work with.

The Smart Team Accelerator Workshop: This program is designed and customized for intact teams at all levels. It uses the 4D-i to stimulate self-awareness and build relationships within a team. The program introduces the OneSmartWorld(R) business process ‘smart tracks’ for improving team meetings, problem solving and decision-making. Teams solve problems and make decisions. They produce results in the workshop. This application is a consistent winner with clients. They value the practicality and usefulness of the 4D-i profile compared to conventional personality instruments. Leaders find it particularly helpful as the program gets their teams onto the same page to get work done. This offering is an excellent choice for new leaders who are taking over a team. It is ideal in mergers and acquisitions or when people from different parts of organizations must work together on a project.

Smarter Meetings: Poor meetings are a sore point for most organizations. Business leaders are genuinely interested in a proven solution to the problem of ineffective meetings. Smarter Meetings is a lean meetings management system that saves people time and money by significantly improving meeting productivity. This one-day program is designed for team leaders, managers, and executives. It includes access to the Smarter Meetings online toolkit consisting of the full set of resources your clients need to implement the system. 

RIP IT/The Rapid Innovation Program:  This program gives leaders a new way to produce solutions to business problems and to develop strategy by engaging the minds, hearts, and spirit of their people in a disciplined planning process. RIP IT is a high value-add solution for clients. It has a high potential to deliver significant revenues to you as a OneSmartWorld Certified Business Solutions Partner - from consulting services in the customized design of the

Interested in becoming a OneSmartWorld Certified Business Solution Partner? Contact us for details!