Peter Norman

Peter Norman works with education, healthcare and government on teamwork, self-directed learning, leadership and change. Peter was formerly in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University where he founded the innovative Project Development Office. Now resident in Victoria, he is Associate Faculty at Royal Roads University, and president of Challenge Education Associates Inc, an educational consulting practice devoted to the voluntary and systematic pursuit of excellence. He divides his time among teaching, design and consultation, and travel.

Peter has a long history with the OneSmartWorld platform, and worked directly with OSW creator Bob Wiele in exploring the 4Di with thousands of Public Servants in the acclaimed BC Leading the Way program. That experience led to workshops with a variety of groups, and took Peter more deeply into the structure and power of the OSW language. Peter’s ability to create desirable outcomes, challenge assumptions, and understand issues and people, illustrate his own 4Di preferences toward green and yellow, traits that serve clients and colleagues well.

Peter’s recent OSW work has focused on RIP-IT (Rapid Innovation Process); demonstrating how big results can be achieved in short periods of time. Moving groups through a systematic track of green, yellow, red - creating options, weighing alternatives, deciding on actions – is an engaging process with high returns. Recent RIP-ITs with groups as diverse as union activists, service volunteers and Grade 6 school children, continue to inform the power of providing simple, powerful tools to allow people to think smarter together. Peter can be contacted directly, or through the SMARTwest group of OSW practitioners at

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