Jen Holden

Jen Holden uses the OneSmartWorld processes and the 4D-i Thinking Preference tool as a framework for consulting and coaching.  After learning about OneSmartWorld in 2006, Jen Holden  became an OSW  Certified Associate and has used the OSW platform in the classroom with adult learners, with intact teams and one-on-one in coaching conversations.  Currently Jen Holden, as a board member of the Boys & Girls Club of Central Vancouver Island &  Comox Valley, is committed to using the OSW system to further the Boys and Girls Club as it transitions and to bring the OSW initiative to the club as a youth leadership program

In Jen’s experience, the 4D-i’s utility and “stickiness” adds to the value of this tool. Since first completing the 4D-i, Jen notes that there is richness in the 4D-i report that always provides learning about self.  When used to coach individuals or consult with leaders, the 4D-i report opens up the possibility for conversations with renewed focus.  The “Aha” moment is never far away when using the 4D-i.

One of Jen’s recollections of OneSmartWorld in the classroom is her observation that adult learners often take the results of the 4D-i home and talk to their spouse and children.  One student shared that the results of the 4D-i gave him the courage and insight to have a conversation with his teenage son that was “long overdue” in his words.  He shared this in a classroom of peers.

With a commitment to life-long learning, Jen has studied at the BC Institute of Technology, Simon Fraser University, the Leadership Institute of Seattle (LIOS)/Bastyr University, Seattle, and the University of British Columbia where she completed the degree of Doctor of Education, Leadership and Policy focusing on corporate social responsibility and social auditing.  Jennifer certified as an Executive Coach at Royal Roads University.   

Jen’s practice includes coaching at the executive, individual and team level.  Her research and broad reading enables her to reflect on and introduce concepts embedded in social network analysis, corporate social responsibility, action based learning, and employee engagement.  Jen’s strengths include building trust relationships with employees and where the organization is unionized she believes that the building of union and management relationships is critical.  Jen uses the 4D-i in coaching, collaboration, and conflict resolution  to reduce and resolve toxic work environments.

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